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Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s The Fragrance Wardrobe for Her contains eight different scents, including signatures such as Baccarat Rouge 540 and Petit Matin “When it comes to the dry winter season in Hong Kong, it always triggers my olfactory system – I’ll use diff event scents depending on the occasion, time and my mood. This is a good gift since there are eight different scents, which you can match with different festive gatherings, whether you’re with friends, family, co-workers or lovers, for morning or for evening.” Prismologie’s travel set includes a variety of hand and body creams as well as scrubs which are based on the mood-enhancing powers of colour therapy, all fitting neatly into a chic cosmetics pouch “It’s perfect to indulge your body this festive season with five different gemstone body products. The Sapphire & Oud Foot Cream is one of my favourites – the scent of oud and the texture are just perfect to last through a long night.”


Lane Crawford

Glow Recipe’s Ageless Glow Set is a start-to-finish collection of all-natural Korean beauty faves, with products from Huxley, Yuripbu, Whamisa and LJH “We love this curation of natural, luxurious Korean beauty products. It makes a good Christmas gift for friends who look for organic skincare products to refine the skin’s texture.” Nail Inc’s Paint Can Spray Nail Polish is the world’s first spray-on nail lacquer – ‘nuff said “This is the perfect secret Santa present for lazy beauty lovers. It’s fast and easy to apply, without the need to worry about painting precision.” Christian Louboutin Beaute Rouge Louboutin Collection brings together three of the shoe maestro’s red lipsticks in various finishes: sheer, satin and matte “This set of iconic lip colours is the ultimate luxury gift for your loved ones … or for yourself!”



Net-a-Porter’s The Ultimate Beauty Kit is 32 products strong – 16 full-sized and 16 travel-sized – for a steal at $1,800 “There’s Vernon François’ Dazzling Spritz Shine Spray, which is amazing and will give your hair body. But there’s also a This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray, so when you’ve partied too hard, you can still get some sleep. We have the Burberry lipstick in Military Red, because we need to have shades which are quite universal. We have the Hourglass Ambient Light Correcting Primer, their new primer, a colour-correcting one.” Slip’s embroidered silk pillowcase is simply a pure silk pillowcase “Because cotton dries your hair and skin out, and when you sleep on your face, it creates lines. I’m the sleep advocator for everyone. I will train everyone to sleep on a silk pillowcase because it will save your life. Technically the healthiest side to sleep on is your left, but I say sleep on your back.” Charlotte Tilbury’s Giant Magic Cream moisturises, boosts collagen and protects against sun damage “It’s 150ml. And one of our personal shoppers, he loves it and said he was going to buy it and slather it all over his body.”



Becca’s Blushed with Light palette features three blushes that can be worn alone or together“All beauty lovers will be excited to get their hands on this palette, which features a new mineral blush shade – Wisteria! Wisteria is a delicate rose shade perfect for that winter flush.” Zoeva’s Pure Velours Box provides a full shade range for lipstick lovers “This box set features eight ultra velvety liquid lipsticks which set into an ultra matt finish for comfortable and long-lasting wear.” Alpha H’s Liquid Gold Trio is a three-pack of acid exfoliants that will ensure you never go back to manual scrubbing again “Liquid Gold changed my skin, so I can never have too many bottles of these!”