If you’ve watched a few Youtube beauty tutorials, you start to realise that creating a smoky eye isn’t rocket science. In fact, all you really need is two or three eyeshadow colours and a clean fingertip.

While black is the default hue to reach for in creating a dramatic smoky look, it’s actually the most difficult to work with, because it’s so stark and difficult to diffuse or erase. Reach instead for this season’s in-vogue warm tones, or layer contrasting hues and blend them seamlessly with a brush. The key is light shades and light strokes. Start with an almost-nude base shadow, layer on a transition shade and then finish with the darkest colour – and don’t forget to dust a little under the lash line so things aren’t too top heavy.

Here are a few of our favourite palettes of this year, all in friendly, blendable tones.