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There are several things that we can never seem to get enough of — time, energy and sleep come to mind immediately — but we’d have to add spa treatments to the list. Nothing gives you absolute bliss quite like a visit to the spa does, surrendering yourself completely to a couple hours of relaxation and walking away restored and revived. So when boutique wellness retreat Elu Spa opened its doors in Central, we were the first to sign up and test out what this little sanctuary in Central could do for our mind, body and soul.


The Treatment: Signature Indulgence Treatment
Duration: 120 minutes
Price: HK$3,000



Take your pick from Aromatherapy Associates essential oils.

The Signature Indulgence Treatment is split into two halves, beginning with a full body massage followed by the spa’s acclaimed gemstone facial. To select the body oil, I was presented with a blind test whereby I chose a light and earthy scent for the treatment; I later found out it was a therapeutic blend of vetiver, chamomile and ylang ylang by Aromatherapy Associates. As for the facial, the skincare brand of choice is Éminence. The organic skincare brand’s entire range is all-natural and free of parabens, animal by-products, colourants and fragrances which is gentle enough for even my hypersensitive and easily irritable skin.



The moment you arrive, you’ll need a quick moment to readjust to the peaceful aura of the space, a stark contract from the outside world. I was greeted by tan attentive staff member who escorted me to a seating area where I changed into my comfy slippers and filled out the usual forms while snacking on blueberries and sipping on lemongrass tea. Before long, I was guided to a sun room where I enjoyed a foot bath and scrub to kick off the treatment.



Private rooms come with bathtubs for a relaxing soak.

It’s clear why Elu used nature as its inspiration for the design of the spa. After all, it’s intended to be an oasis for us urbanites. The minimalistic surrounding opens up the spaces, while the use of dark wood and lush greenery creates a calming effect to take you to a new state of relaxation. The private rooms are fitted with massage tables and a bathtub — if you should choose to take a relaxing soak pre-treatment — and are decorated with plants, wicker baskets and soft candlelight.



Jaedstone masks used at elu. spa

Getting comfortable didn’t take long as I was well prepared for a well-deserved pampering. It all began with a body massage that used a combination of Swedish and neuromuscular techniques to knead out my knots. I’m guilty of not stretching after workouts, so I suffer from tightness around my shoulders and back. I was pleasantly surprised that the massage was a lot less painful than what I had anticipated, and I even comfortable enough to fall asleep for a little while.

Next up was the much talked-about gemstone facial mask. The masks are made of semi-precious gems like rose quartz, jade, amethyst, quartz and black obsidian, each crystal possessing its own healing properties. Almost like a chainmail mask (except infinitely more luxurious), a cold rose quartz mask was blanketed on my face above the treatment essence that was earlier applied.

The cooling effects of the stones assist with lymphatic drainage, reduce water retention and product absorption. What amazed me most was the comfort that came from the weight of the mask, touching on pressure points I’ve never paid attention to. After the soak was done, the therapist used stone rollers to further massage the potent serum deep into my skin. By then, the holistic spa session had to come to a close and it was time to step back into harsh reality.

Elu Spa
7/F, 46 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central
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Dara Chau
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