What? We at Prestige Hong Kong partnered with Isola for a super casual, super chic and super fun soirée to meet their new chef, Corrado Michelazzo. To sample the offerings of the culinary maestro – and the awesome barkeep – we were joined by the fine folks you see in the spread.
Man of the moment: We sure do like a hale and hearty chef, and Michelazzo did not disappoint. Born in Borgosesia (in the Italian province of Vercelli in the Piedmont region), he delighted guests with his signature blend of traditional and contemporary Italian cuisine.
Another round? As we mixed and mingled with our motley crew, the resident sommelier recommended pairing our dishes with cocktails and aperitifs (FYI, we found their signature negroni went well with … everything!).
Thank you for coming: A sign of every great gathering – guests who refuse to leave. By the end our social editor was escorting a few happy campers out. Until next time mio amicos …