On Kawara Live Readings by Prestige Friends at Museum Macan

Prestige was the Media Partner for live readings of “One Million Years”, a work by the late Japanese artist On Kawara, at Museum Macan in January. Created in 1969, the work is about the passage of time, listing each year for the one million-year period leading up to the artwork’s conception and the million years that follow it. It is sometimes performed, during which pairs of performers read dates from each list in order. Museum Macan invited four couples to do the readings: Cosmas Gozali and Yohana Irawan; Erick Iskandar and Andi Anissa Wardhana; Rani Tachril and Garu Nauman; and Linda Tan and Kris Adidarma.

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“Usually, we learn about others when we read something, but this experience let me learn more about myself,” said Gozali of the experience. Added Linda: “This was a meditative experience. I feel very calm after reading through the years, which needed high concentration.”