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Dear Santa,


I’m sure you’re already quite aware that I’ve been good this year.


OK, maybe I’ve been good most of the time. OK, OK, it’s more like I’ve been good for about 65 percent of the time. I’ll admit that the rest was taken up by all the cocktails and calories I’ve consumed.


But let’s make a deal here, Nick. May I call you Nick?


I promise to be extra nice next year. I’ll even attempt to reign in the sarcasm and reduce the time I spend complaining about the weather, and in return, you might like to consider sending me one (or two) of the gifts in my list.


But failing that, please bring forth health and peace for everyone. That would be nice.


Thanks in advance.


Much love,


P.S. I’d also like to adopt a puppy and feel like you might be able to magically make that happen. Cheers.



I need an outfit where function meets fashion for snowboarding, and this Lululemon x Roksanda Inner Expanse Infinity Coat (HK$7,780) does just the job. Not only does it combine a puffer and trench, but it’s also windproof and water-repellent.

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Most of my food shots are taken with a phone, but it can sometimes look flat. The latest Q2 (from HK$39,800) is said to make burnt toast look good enough to eat.

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The MOOD Christofle x Pharrell Williams & Jean (from HK$22,693) is the bright tableware I need for festive entertaining. After all, who wouldn’t want a 24-piece silver-plated flatware set to eat their dinner with?

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If this year’s Christmas bubbles taste as good as the Nyetimber Classic Cuvee (HK$420), then it definitely will be merry.


What’s Christmas without a little frosting? The Sabbia rose-gold diamond bracelet (HK$20,100) is everything I’m after: understated and exquisitely crafted with just enough sparkle.

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Olivia von Halle

No more laborious styling needed for Christmas morning. This Olivia von Halle Coco silk-satin pyjama set (HK$3,305) in forest green should do it effortlessly.

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Go Lucky

I’m all about harnessing positive energy. This limited-edition Go Lucky Marble Stone Dog (HK$2,380) is created by modern feng shui master Thierry Chow and symbolises friendship and protection.

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Guess what I’m going to write about if I am gifted this notebook (from HK$1,460)?

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Cire Trudon

With festive feels, come festive smells. I’ve got my nose on Cire Trudon Trio Scented Candle Set (HK$1,680).

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I’ve decided that spinning gets you nowhere and the real adventure is out there. I hope to hop on my own bike, and more specifically the new Explore Edition Brompton Bike (from HK$18,460).

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