To celebrate the union between Prestige Hong Kong and Lifestyle Asia, a grand party – the likes of which we’ve never before hosted – was the only way to go. China Tang was the venue of choice, to which we invited friends, brand partners, models, socialites, singers, sportsmen, stars and superstars – people who’ve worked with us, and who we’ve featured, photographed and covered over the past dozen or so years – to come clink champagne flutes.

With the promise of live music, magic and mayhem, the event kicked off at 7pm on Friday, 20 October and ended in the wee hours of the following morning. From the little that we can remember, the top 5 highlights (in reverse order) of this most-stylish party were as follows …


Society Ladies
Society ladies mastering the dress code

5 Dress-code dos … and don’ts

The evening’s dress code was “Chinoiserie” and many guests complied, raiding Shanghai Tang, Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen and other fashion houses, not to forget local designers. Some turned out dolled-up in exquisite threads from their own impressive wardrobes and we love them for it.

There were, however, a few in T-shirts and torn denims, who arrived looking as if they’d stepped off the wrong escalator. Looks of condescension were exchanged, like those between the blonde who thought the host was the head waiter, and the latter who thought the lady was a tourist who’d wandered into the venue by mistake. What do you call that outfit? Last minute?


Spot the Gate Crasher
Spot the gate crasher

4 Party-crash and burn

In spite of uniformed bouncers and signage denoting that the venue was closed for a private event, the occasional gate-crasher still managed to saunter in. Oh, we saw you, ye of no invite – but as we’re also of the firm belief that more is definitely merrier, it’s OK with us.


Olivia Dawn
Olivia Dawn’s set was a hit with the crowd

3 From dusk till Dawn

We met violinist, DJ, musician and composer Olivia Dawn a while ago and, amazed by her talent, asked her to come along and entertain us. Her utterly original spin and live electric-violin performance wowed all our guests – in fact, she was so freakin’ good we begged her to play longer. And, bless her socks, she did.


Selfies Galore
Selfies Galore

2 (Ob)scene and heard

Inevitably, whispers reached us of certain “antics” in the ladies’ room, the least of which concerned impromptu, semi-nude photoshoots taking place in the lavishly mirrored lavatory. We know who you are …


Karen Mok, Donnie Yen, Cissy Wang
Karen Mok, Donnie Yen, Cissy Wang

1 Be our guests

Stars Karen Mok and Donnie Yen, who’ve graced several of our magazine covers, turned out to support us on this very special occasion, fielding a volley of media queries (local paper and entertainment press were camped out at the entrance), giving all the right soundbites, and posing and preening for the cameras. The whole gang looked exquisite in Shanghai Tang. And Mok’s dazzling Hearts on Fire diamonds had hearts aflutter.