Dear Santa,


Let’s get down to business and skip the pleasantries, as I’d say we’re pretty well acquainted by now. I don’t know what your surveillance elves have told you, but whatever you’ve heard, I can explain.
It’s been a tough year and everyone (including you) deserves to kick back a little. So I’ve swapped your warm milk for whisky – don’t worry, I know you’re in the passenger seat – and no, this isn’t a bribe.
If I haven’t made it on to the nice list, I’d like to negotiate for some sort of credit arrangement. I’ll be extra good, as the list of wants is pretty long this year. I’m also a realist, so instead of mailing you my list of 31,727 things I want, I’ve narrowed it down to just 10 things I really can’t live without. So, see what you can do.
Until next year, big guy.


PS: Please get the sizes right this year.