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Dear Santa,


You haven’t heard from me since I grew up. I’m taller now, working hard and am grateful for all the things I can buy and that I receive throughout the year, so it’s always seemed greedy to draw up a list of things for you to collect on my behalf. There are many more people who need a material gift more than I do.


But I’m compelled to ask for kindness, health, wealth and happiness for my family, friends and myself – because those things are sometimes much harder to come by than a good sale where I can pick up a pair of shoes. And would it be a tall order if I asked for you to eradicate cancer? Or get rid of bullies? They seem to have escaped the sandpits these days and to have run amok. I’d also love it if everyone in the world could have a decent meal every day, but then you’d be flying every night of the year!


If it’s too not much, I’ve drawn up a list of what might spark joy for me should you stop by this Christmas. I hope I’m on your December 24 evening delivery run, though, because that’s when my family celebrates, and don’t worry about a chimney – we don’t have one of those but we do have a balcony.


Thanks Santa. Can’t wait to hear those sleigh bells. Maybe wear a bit less this year – you know, climate change. Otherwise, have a great Christmas and bring some Rennie’s in case you get indigestion from all the treats!


Much love


Louis Vuitton

Apparently, a Qing emperor painted the roofs of the Forbidden Palace in gold so as to have year- round sunshine. My request is humbler in comparison. Rain or shine, this Capucines Mini (HK$40,500) in taurillon leather and python will bring the sun out every day.

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This “Wild Amulet” lion choker (HK$14,000) in black calfskin with antique gold hardware captured my attention while I was styling the Dior Cruise collection (page 120) and I’ve been coveting it ever since.

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Trying to be a sustainable consumer has been one of my aims this year and I’ve realised that maybe a new accessory or two can jazz up outfits galore and save on buying new ones — or five. This Obi belt (HK$8,200) is guaranteed to give my pleated skirts new life.

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Ever since Nancy Sinatra sang about boots that were made for walking, I’ve been trying to find a pair that matches up. These ankle-length Edens (HK$11,900) look as if they could give me a lift when I need extra oomph to get through the day.

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I’m not like other girls, Santa. I don’t need a pony. In fact, I became allergic to horses at age 16, after six years of riding. Instead, please get me this Galop d’Hermès (HK$78,000) in rose gold with elephant-grey polished alligator strap to fulfil my equine dreams.

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My thirst for blazers is unending but my search for well-fitted colourful patterned ones is a true quest. This GG ramage wool silk jacket (HK$44,000), however, ticks all the right boxes.

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Bottega Veneta

Daniel Lee’s square-toe intrecciato Lido sandals (HK$10,150) have taken the fashion industry by storm. Having already treated myself to a pair of flat Lidos in white, I can’t help butwant this high-heeled mule sandal in my collection

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Having visited Guerlain’s 68 spa on the Champs-Élysées, I’ve since been trying to get my hands on everything the brand has to offer, including this limited-edition Goldenland palette (HK$695), just in time to add some sparkle to the holidays.

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All my family love Pitera Essence and we’re all converts to the brand’s “pat pat” method. I’ve already bought one each for my parents, but I’d love to find the Fantasista Utamaro Limited Edition Christmas bottle (HK$1,500) under my tree.

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