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Change Maker: Edwin Pun

Edwin Pun

Director at Keyestone Properties

He’s been described as a scion, but Edwin Pun is not sitting back and waiting to collect his inheritance. “My plate is really full, simultaneously overseeing six projects of various scale at the moment,” says the director at Keyestone Properties, a diversified business group established by his father, Benson, in 1970.

“On the commercial side, we’ve just begun the design for what will be our group’s flagship retail-led mixed-use development consisting of an open-plan, lane-driven mall and a luxury serviced residence. Three months ago, we also signed an agreement with Sanrio Japan, and we plan to collaborate and create a new travel destination in Sanya. On a smaller scale, I’m working on a Chinese restaurant and a cafe.

“On the residential side, we recently received a construction permit from the government, so we’re yet to break ground for a large-scale residential development of close to 2,000 units. We also have two smaller residential projects in development, which together will make up more than 1,200 units.”

Pun joined the family business after returning from the US, where he double- majored in finance and international business at the George Washington University and earned an MBA and graduate certificate in marketing at the University of Southern California.

Now 34, he seems to have found his niche working in design and architecture. “I’m fascinated by the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul; the history of conquest, the clash and merger of East and West, and differing religions existing side-by-side are all captured in this one structure,” he says of the building that most inspires him. “It was a church that turned into a mosque that turned into a museum. There are references to Jesus and the Virgin Mary, but when you turn a corner, there are also Islamic elements. This building has seen and experienced more history and culture than I can possibly comprehend.”

These days, Pun is always on the lookout for new designers and artists to collaborate with. “I really like the design scene in Australia, but I think it’s a region that people usually overlook,” he says. “On the other side of the world, in London, there’s this extremely talented designer I’ve become friends with: Paula Gerbase, creative director of John Lobb. Her creativity is limitless; she can design anything and make a phenomenal collection. I would love to create a collection of furniture and fragrances with her.”

For the time being, however, Pun clearly has his hands full with Keyestone. His focus now is on “how to manage expansion while ensuring the quality of the product we deliver” as he tries to eke out time for his own passion projects.

“All the projects I’m working on right now will take several years to realise and come to fruition,” he explains. “But I’m currently planning two small personal projects which are lifestyle-related. I still don’t know how I’m going to juggle all of it, but [the personal projects] give me adrenaline! I always need to be doing something or I’d be very bored.”


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