40 under 40 40 under 40

John Nugent

Beverage Director at Leading Nation

Charlz Ng

Entrepreneur and Co-founder of Hybrid Group

Wil Fang

Founder of Carbs and Cookie DPT

Lisa Tse

Beauty Queen and Actress

Christopher Ho

Home Chef

Adam Raby

Sustainable Fashion Advocate and Designer

Jennifer Ma

Entrepreneur in Education

Brendan Fitzpatrick

Figurative Artist

Austen Chu

Founder of Wristcheck

Ruby Fung

Fashion Designer-turned-Gallerist

Jessi Chloe Chen

Mental Health Advocate

Laura Cheung Wolf

Designer and Entrepreneur

Karmuel Young

Menswear Fashion Designer

Jonathan Song

Global Business Director, Plaza Premium Group

Pearl Shek


Mite Chan

Co-founder of Gingermite and Fashion Brand DEMO

Elliot Faber

Sake Master and Restaurateur

Heiward Mak

Film Director, Producer, Scriptwriter and Artist Manager

Kevin Chu

Entertainment Artist

Bertrand Mak

Founder of Sauvereign

Valerie Chiu

Founder of Cocoparadise

Cara Li

Co-founder of Matchali

Rachel Cheung


Christal Leung

Skincare Formulator and Founder of Skin Need

Jennifer Cheng

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Afa Lee

Visual Artist and Model

Coba Cheng

Creative Director

Coffee Lam

Yoga Teacher and Influencer

Alex Lam

Musician and Actor

Michelle Chen

Founder of RARE Skinfuel

Kimmy Lai


Tiffany Chan


Ray Chan

Co-founder of 9GAG

Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui

Architect and Interior Designer, Co-founder of Bean Buro

Lisa Chan


Jay Khan

Bartender and Co-founder of COA and Mezcal Mission

Jocelyn Chan

Singer and Songwriter

Jacqueline Chak


Sandy Ip

Founder of The Holiday Project

Arthur Bray

Co-founder of Yeti Out