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Jessi Chloe Chen

Jessi Chloe Chen

Mental Health Advocate

Like many in Hong Kong, I wear a few hats. I’m the managing director of Fuin Holdings, a high-end luxury residential property developer, with exciting and ambitious projects currently in the works in Japan. Launching this month is our newest development, Amoma Atami, an unparalleled development of 28 villa residences situated on the Izu peninsula, one of the most exquisite pieces of land in Atami.

On the entrepreneurial side I also have Andrsn Flowers, which was born out of a passion for minimalist design, giving and my love for flora. We offer a bespoke service that delivers beautifully boxed fresh Australian roses.
During the pandemic, perhaps the most socially significant project I’ve taken on is Talking Mental. It’s a content-creation agency working to raise awareness and fill the void in resources within the realm of mental health.

We began as a series of online podcasts and short videos and have now developed to include live events and workshops. We work with companies and schools to create a safe, accessible and informative environment, talking with professionals in the field of mental health about issues that affect us every day. Some of our clients include HSBC, Lululemon and the Independent Schools Foundation, with which we worked to create custom content

to share internally with staff and students. It’s because we’re so incredibly passionate about breaking down the stigma around mental health — our work is always purposeful and impactful because it all stems from personal experience.

I’d say the biggest takeaway I’ve learned from the past two years is that there are two epidemics ongoing now — the COVID-19 pandemic and the even wider “anxiety pandemic” that comes with it. With everything that’s going on we need to understand that help- seeking behaviour is a strength and a skill, not a weakness. It makes social sense, it makes moral sense and it makes business sense to be actively doing this within our communities.

World Mental Health Day is on October 10 every year, and we’re gearing up for one of our biggest events yet with the Walk & Talk 2021 and the Talking Mental Hub at The Grounds. Alongside professionals in the field, our
team will walk the circumference of Hong Kong in just seven days. Each day we walk will feature a different theme around mental health that’s prevalent in our city and we’ll be live- streaming along the way so that people have an opportunity to tune in and ask questions to experts whom they wouldn’t normally have access to.

This is very much a community project, free and open to everyone to get the conversation started on the streets of Hong Kong. Our aim is to get people out and about in the company of psychiatrists, psychologists, nutritionists, school councillors, sleep therapists and CBT specialists, so they can ask questions, listen in and find out the best course of action for themselves and the people they care about most.