Kamilla Holst

Kamilla Holst

Chiropractic Doctor

At many events, you’ll find new mums gleefully gravitating towards Kamilla Holst and giving her a hug. The reason? In her role as Hong Kong’s leading pregnancy chiropractor, Holst has treated hundreds of women in the city, including athletes, celebrities and royalty, all of whom have departed her Central office with relief and reassurance.

Asked about her proudest moment, her reply shows she’s no one-trick pony. “Writing my woman’s empowerment book last year — The Feature Bucket List — from Victim to Power Woman.” Holst has spoken at several forums around the world and tried to lift the veil of secrecy and shame long associated with abuse. “It’s also about my experience with sexual abuse and domestic violence, with all the profits [from the book] going to a charity helping women and children in Cambodia, Vietnam and Afghanistan who survived human trafficking.”

The daughter of a Danish special-forces serviceman, Holst was a member of her country’s junior athletics team and also modelled part-time before earning a BSc at medical school and a master’s degree in clinical biomechanics, as well as her chiropractic certificate. She’s also a certified Anthony Robbins strategic intervention coach.

When not wearing a lab coat or walking her pet Pomeranian, an activity that fills most of her Instagram posts, Holst can be found in the ocean pursuing her latest passion — deep-sea and shark diving. “It’s my favourite hobby,” she says while pulling out images of azure blues with ominous shadows in the water. “Diving in Fiji this year with 30 bull sharks and no cage — it’s brilliant!


Dress: Chloé at Joyce

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