Kenneth S King & Jessica Jann

Kenneth S King & Jessica Jann

Investor and Actress

The only couple on our list, actress and model Jessica Jann and her investor- businessman fiancé Kenneth S King, are walking down the aisle on the eve of Chinese New Year 2019 — an auspicious time for both. Having until now been a silent observer of the social whirl from behind the scenes, since the couple announced their engagement King is experiencing the media spotlight for the first time and he’s unsure about what it means to be suddenly on the radar of Hong Kong’s entertainment press. “I prefer to stay away from the spotlight. My beautiful, smart fiancée can and should take all the attention.”

While Jann is already well known in Hong Kong (apart from her acting and modelling gigs, her brother-in-law is superstar Donnie Yen), King is slowly starting to show on the media radar. Born in San Francisco and raised in Hong Kong, he did a bachelor’s degree in economics and a master’s in management science and engineering, both at Stanford University. As an investor and entrepreneur, he’s involved in several projects. “I was the very first investor in Singapore-based Tessa Therapeutics, a company I then joined personally to help build as founding COO for two years,” he says. “Tessa is now at the forefront of cancer immunotherapy R&D, which is shaping the future of cancer treatments. On a high level, I build companies, which really means turning solid and exciting ideas into long-lasting companies that hopefully make a difference.”

Currently, the big difference he’s made is in the life of Jann, who’s in full wedding mode — but she plans to continue working post-nuptials. “I’ve got Enter the Fat Dragon, coming out early next year in cinemas and, of course, my wedding. I’ll also continue working on my digital marketing company, Explosive Influencer Agency. I have to really remind myself to have a work-life balance — and the same goes for Kenneth!”


On Kenneth

Jacket and shirt: King’s own

Pocket square: Drake’s

On Jessica

Dress and jewellery: Jann’s own