Mover & Shaker: Candice Chan

Candice Chan

Co-founder of LifeHealth Group

What if we turned to the healthcare industry not to cure us from illness but instead to prevent us from getting sick in the first place? That’s the big question behind LifeHealth Group, which provides disease-prevention and chronic-disease- management services through its LifeHub and LifeClinic practices. It’s also what drives Candice Chan to help friends, patients and loved ones achieve optimum health.
“My dad is very overweight, and I’ve always worried about him. Also, I grew up in Hong Kong with so much focus on how slim people should be, so in high school I spent a lot of time digging around nutrition and sports,” explains Chan, who’s a certified nutritionist and doctor of natural medicine as well as a health coach and yoga teacher.
Before co-founding LifeHealth last year, Chan started a chain of holistic health centres known as Younibody. She’s also the founder of an online trading company for consumer electronic goods in the US, but admits that maintaining a healthy lifestyle in Hong Kong isn’t always easy.
“It’s very tough. Usually after work I’m too tired or it’s too late to cook, so I put a lot of focus on having a healthy breakfast of good fats and protein to keep me energised throughout the day,” she says. “Lately I’ve fallen off my exercise routine, but as a company we’re encouraging all employees to join a Monday-morning workout. I also set aside an hour each week to have my self-care routine at LifeHub and I’m doing my NAD protocol to keep my telomeres long and my brain sharp.”
With plans to expand LifeHub into mainland China and Southeast Asia, Chan needs to function at her best level. But she also knows that if you “do everything with your whole heart and with no regrets, you’ll succeed”.


Dress: Cefinn at Net-a-Porter | Shoes and accessories: Chan’s own | Location: Rosewood Hong Kong