Movers & Shakers: Tommy and Stella Ip

Tommy & Stella Ip

Founders of Hong Wo Lok

It’s common to associate traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) with old-school clinics and elderly practitioners, but Tommy and Stella Ip – the only couple on our list – prove us wrong. Both were raised and educated abroad, Stella graduated with a double degree in architecture and interior design and Tommy with a degree in international business. Even though TCM wasn’t their forte in school, the husband and wife always shared a passion for building businesses with social value. “Even though we were brought up with Western medicine as the primary source, we always rooted for the holistic approach,” Tommy, 32, says.

Like many women, Stella, 34, suffered from severe period pain from her teenage years. On a normal day she might experience cold sweats and cramps, sometimes so serious that she could faint. Painkillers became ineffective, but after experimenting with a combination of ginger moxibustion, ovary-care massage, Chinese medicine and tea therapy she’s now living pain-free.

Bursting with passion and the need to spread the benefits of TCM, last year the couple founded Hong Wo Lok, Hong Kong’s first private Chinese health club, where visitors can enjoy traditional remedies combined with advanced technologies to harmonise body, mind and soul.

Hong Lo Wok will soon introduce a novel fertility programme to help Hong Kong couples start families. “I was concerned about getting pregnant as my body was in such a bad state when I was younger, so we tested the programme and it worked like magic,” says Stella, who at the time of our interview was only weeks away from delivering their first child while still managing to look incredible.

The couple is understandably proud that Hong Wo Lok has not only been recognised locally but also internationally.
“It really gives us confidence that people appreciate what we do, and we can continue to accelerate in the right direction and with the intended vision,” Tommy says. “We want to bridge the gap between East and West, bringing the latest technology to cosmopolitan cities across the globe and making TCM accessible to all walks of life.”


Outfits: Tommy and Stella’s own | Location: Ovolo Central