René Chu

René Chu

Founder and Designer

Why the beautiful René Chu would want to cover up half her visage with shades, Jackie O-style, is beyond us. Yet the Hong Kong-based entrepreneur behind Revé by René is clearly the ideal model for her own eyewear brand.

During the past year her sunglasses have flown off the shelves, with seemingly every celebrity and socialite in the 852 spotted wearing them. The former model could have gone into fashion or designer handbags, so why did she zero in on shimmering sunnies instead?

“Sunglasses are unique among fashion accessories in that they both conceal and reveal,” she says. “They parry the gaze of an onlooker while imparting a hint to the persona of the wearer. Besides the utility they provide, sunglasses are often integral to one’s style, to the point where they symbolise their wearer, as with Iris Apfel or John Lennon.”

Earlier this year, Chu hosted a well- attended bash at Duddell’s where she unveiled her Minions x Revé collaboration in partnership with Universal Pictures in Hollywood. The results were phenomenally successful, with the entire range selling out in five months.

Chu has also been travelling around the region to present her designs, holding events with Puyi Optical in Beijing and Surrender in Singapore. She says the fashion industry’s fast pace keeps her on her toes.

“My business embodies both utility and art, and fulfilling and balancing both is a perennial challenge,” she says. “Being a small and relatively young company, we have the advantage of laser focus when it comes to designing and developing products that are unique to the market and true to our vision. We simply don’t have the resources to work on too many things at once at our current scale — and that can be a blessing in disguise.”


Dress: Givenchy

Sunglasses: Revé by René