Thierry Chow

Thierry Chow

Feng Shui Designer

The history of feng shui dates back more than 3,500 years, with techniques originating in the astronomy of Neolithic China. Picture a feng shui master and the image one conjures is often an ageing gentleman with a patina of preternatural wisdom. With her deep purple, near-black lipstick, distinctive blunt haircut, stilettos, high-fashion attire and pigeon-blood-red- coated nails, Thierry Chow — feng shui master … well, mistress — shatters that image immediately, bringing the ancient art form to contemporary life.

“My father [Chow Hon-ming] is a feng shui master of 45 years, so I grew up with it being a big part of my life,” she says over a cup of Oolong. “I wasn’t interested in the practice at all as a child, and I pursued the dream of being a designer or artist. When I graduated from studying illustration in university, I came back to Hong Kong and had a few jobs in the art field, but I felt that something was missing. One day, as I was hanging out with my father, the idea of combining feng shui and design came to me. Nothing ever felt so right.”

Seven years in, Chow is the go-to gal for millennials. According to her, the key to modernising the ancient art is following one’s personal style, and combining it with the ancient principles. “For example, if you love bohemian or a more modern, simplistic style, they can all work with the ancient art of feng shui. The luckiest spot is located in the middle area of every space (office, house or store), so make this spot feel lively, and pay attention to colour and pattern; this way you can maximise the good energy of 2019.”

In her work she’s been to all kinds of places, from luxury homes and offices to factories and even cemeteries. “Sometimes strange places might not be as strange as they seem, and some ‘normal’ ones can have very bad chi.

“Feng shui is great way to remind us who we are in this world,” she says. “And where we come from.”


Dress: Fendi

Accessories: Stylist’s own