Visionary: Brian Sze

Brian Sze

Senior Vice President at Checkout.com

Brian Sze doesn’t sit still, at least not professionally. The senior vice president of sales at Checkout.com has made quite the career move – or, shall we say, moves – since his first post-school job as a tax consultant.
Back then, Sze took notice of the unicorn tech companies helmed by 20-somethings that were disrupting industries worldwide. Stirring his appetite for success, he recalls, “I didn’t just want to be a cog in the wheel at a big organisation, so I began to chase opportunities where I felt I could add significantly more value.”
His first career breakthrough came in the form of real estate, when he helped a family office close a six-year lease valued at HK$120 million. In 2014, Sze co-founded one of Hong Kong’s first coworking spaces, The Workground, which was later acquired by Tuspark Workhub.
At the same time, he joined Spacious, a regional real-estate listings aggregator marketplace, and in 2015, Sze brought his magic touch to the Deliveroo Hong Kong launch team. In his role as commercial director, he led a team of 20 to make the company the city’s largest and fastest- growing third-party food-delivery platform.
In 2017 he joined Asia’s top online classified marketplace, Carousell, and now with Checkout.com, he’s introducing a new payment method in Asia that allows companies to process and accept cross- border payments from a variety of sources.
“Imagine any online business that asks for your credit-card details,” says Sze. “When you press order, buy or book, Checkout.com works behind the scenes to ensure that the payment goes through.”
So where does Sze’s unwavering vision and ambition come from? He’s quick to credit his father and grandfather as two key influencers, and with good reason.
Sze, 30, is the grandson of Sze Chi-ching, a renowned Hong Kong educator, philanthropist and calligrapher, and the son of Ivis Sze, a respected businessman and current CEO of Hang Tung Resources.
“My father always told me that no matter what you’re doing, be sure to give it your best effort,” Sze says. “Whether that effort translates into you being the best is up to timing, luck and many external factors, so always measure your success with effort over end result.”


Jacket: Giorgio Armani | Jumper: Loro Piana | Jeans and shoes: Sze’s own