Visionary: Ryan Sun

Ryan Sun

Managing Director at Fotomax

Ryan Sun seems to embody Hong Kong’s “work hard, play hard” way of life. Part of the prominent local family that owns and manages China-Hong Kong Photo Products Holdings, the 37-year- old graduated from Valley Forge Military Academy & College in Pennsylvania and earned a double degree in hospitality and accounting at Widener University in the same state.
In his day-to-day role as managing director at Fotomax, Sun is working hard amid what most would consider a rapidly disappearing industry. “As many people might say, the photo business is a dying business. When you can send photos to your friends and family with just one click, the need [to print photos] will reduce,” he says. “So we need more novel products to replace it such as home decor, photo displays and personalised gifting.
“We intend to create and deliver a better lifestyle through our products and services. Currently I’m working on our B2B services such as event photo solutions for birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, and even for schools and NGOs.”
Sun is also collaborating with Disney on a party-decorating service and is hoping to work with theme parks and tourist destinations in mainland China. Outside the office, Sun keeps busy with various activities, including supporting his alma mater, Raimondi College. “I’m the president of the alumni association and my role is to encourage graduates to contribute, from doing career talks to hosting fundraising events,” he says. “One of the most successful events we had was when [former Secretary for Labour and welfare and current Chief Secretary for Administration] Matthew Cheung came back as a keynote speaker.”
He also works with various charities, including the YMCA, Community Chest and Save the Children, but the greatest joy in Sun’s life is clearly his daughter Makayla. “I used to like writing rhymes and drawing graffiti in my spare time but now I enjoy spending it with her, from reading stories to drawing and swimming,” he says. “Since she was born, on the 14th of every month I take Makayla to get passport photos together.
“Despite what’s going on right now in Hong Kong, one important thing I believe is that she should understand her identity, culture and our family values,” he says. “Nothing should be taken for granted, nothing is free in this world and she must work hard for what she wants. Of course we want her to be happy and surrounded by love and respect, and hope that when she grows up she will give back to society, just like her parents.”


Outfit: Sun’s own | Location: Ovolo Central