The landscapes viewed from the skies of Hong Kong defy imagination. Contrast the vast, sloping greenery and lonely islands with the towering and overcrowded skyscrapers pressed against each other. Follow the meandering streets and you’ll find all manner of picturesque houses, fishing ports, reservoirs, parks, beaches, harbour fronts … and of course, more buildings. But mere description doesn’t do the city justice.

So what better way to express and exhibit this beauty than with a camera lens? Award-winning photographer Graham Uden’s book Above Hong Kong Island captures the city from the sky, as shot from several helicopter flights. Having crawled through minefields in Laos and been held up by AK-47-toting ex-Khmer Rouge soldiers in Cambodia, Uden is no stranger to working hard to get the shot – though this was probably one of his easier assignments.

Above Hong Kong Island brings out what makes Hong Kong, Hong Kong. The raw and natural beauty of the aerial photos captured in this book make a picture-perfect gift for those who wish to hold onto a memento of the ever-changing Hong Kong’s beauty. Not to mention, a great souvenir for tourists who have yet to experience all of Hong Kong’s beauty as seen from above.

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