Buried by all the speculation as to who will replace Daniel Craig as the next cinematic 007 – Tom Hardy, James Norton, Idris Elba and Jack Huston are among the leading contenders – is the news that Aston Martin is about to start building a run of 28 continuation Goldfinger DB5 coupes featuring several Q-style gadgets as used in the 1964 movie. Deliveries of the £2.75-million machines, which are being created in association with EON Productions and the film company’s special-effects supervisor Chris Corbould, will begin in 2020.

The cars will be built to a single specification that includes Silver Birch paint, and though there’s no word yet as to whether they’ll be equipped with an ejector seat, retractable machine guns or wheel-boss scythes, rotating number plates will definitely be part of the package. Presumably for that reason, Aston tells us the cars won’t be road-legal.

As doubtless that’s hardly likely to deter would-be Sean Connerys, demand for the 25 examples that will be offered for sale (Aston Martin and EON will get one each, with a third auctioned for charity) is likely to be steep. So if you’ve got HK$30 mil going spare and secure, airconditioned premises in which to store your DB5, you’d better act fast.