Last Minute Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day just around the corner we thought we’d put together a list of our favorite items that we’re sure will please and indulge one of the most important people in your lives.

Inspired by Marie-Antoinette, Breguet has revealed an exceptional piece titled Secret de la Reine. The watch features the rose the queen is holding in her portrait. In a mother’s mind, it is always about meticulous care that is hidden. Fittingly, in this piece, time is hidden behind a delicate rose – the hours and minutes can only be revealed when the clasp is opened. The petals of the rose are reproduced in the most intricate detail, while the watch is encased in a 18-karat white gold casing with approximately 3.6 carats of pavé diamonds.


Give your mother the royal treatment this year with this auspicious MontBlanc limited edition pen. Inspired by Moctezuma I, the second emperor of the Aztec Empire, the colours of this edition – turquoise and carmine red – were favoured in Aztec culture and used in royal garments. The engravings on the sterling silver cap represent Moctezuma’s weapons, skulls and traditional Aztec ornaments, while the lacquered turquoise barrel is engraved with a pattern reminiscent of his cloak, a symbol of the high rank of Moctezuma I, and features four lines of 18 karat gold, evoking the cardinal directions that radiated out from the Templo Mayor in Mexico.  The Montblanc emblem made of mother-of-pearl on the cap top is embedded in the engraving of an Aztec sun disk,  honouring the ruler’s diverse architectural constructions and ornamentation in the cities of the Aztec empire.


Chaumet’s Bee My Love earrings is also a great choice to express your love for the queen bee of your family. Designed in the imperial hexagon symbol seen in a bee’s hive, the collection transmutes an ancient symbol of France into contemporary jewellery pieces that speak to the hard work and dedication of mothers. These earrings, for example, features tessellating honeycomb motifs with diamonds which captures a sense of playful energy that is synonymous with the modern woman – determined, independent and indefatigable.


A more festive choice is Nyetimber’s special Rosé. Named 1086 to honour the year the vineyard’s estate was first mentioned in the Domesday Book, this rosé is the ultimate expression of owner Eric Heerema’s vision and his confidence in England’s ability to produce world-class sparkling wines. Perfect to complement any meal or celebration, Nyetimber 1086 is now available through wineplease! with delivery included.


Express your gratitude for mum with TUMI’s pastel pink tote made in lightweight, sturdy Saffiano leather. Functional and handy, this tote bag can follow her everywhere from day to night – a constant reminder of your love for her. The feminine blush color also easily complements any spring or summer outfit.


Pamper your mother this year with Rituals‘ Relax and Sleep collections, which induces a calming experience with its blend of sacred lotus and jujube essential oils – a lovely bouquet of delicate and intense blossoms combined with the softness of wood and musk. In particular, the sleep collection features a pillow mist that has a tranquil fragrance based on the essential oils of lavender and sacred wood, helping you prepare for a serene sleep. What better gift is there than the gift of a good night’s sleep?


Both beautiful and functional, Glacce‘s innovative crystal water bottle posses healing energy from the natural crystal encapsulated within the bottle. Found deep within the earth, each crystal possesses its own unique frequency known to help with certain ailments & enhance desired qualities in ones life. With choices such as clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, smoky quartz and black obsidian, we’re sure there is something for every mom.


Hong Kong’s premium silk flower brand Pavo Florals has launched a special edition of its Guardian Angel Orchid bouquet in order to honour Mother’s Day. Given its elegance and beauty, founder of the brand Juliet C. Lam believes orchids symbolize the virtuous temperament and strength of mothers. The round shape of orchid represents the all-round guardianship of mothers as well as their unconditional love towards family that nurture love and brightness. Coming with a special card that prints out a photo and customised message by the customer, the bouquet is available in 3 different colours –  mulberry, citrine and white.


Pamper your mum with Dior’s Capture Totale serum, which promotes the skin’s cellular material regeneration and corrects all visible signs of aging. Enriched with an exclusive, next-generation hyaluronic acid that has greater penetration and longevity than a standard hyaluronic acid, this serum offers effective, boosted correction that instantly leaves the skin suppler, with wrinkles visibly smoothed. In addition, the serum’s plumping effect will also radiate a healthy glow.