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To call Alex Fong hard-working is an understatement. In a career spanning around three decades, the actor – famed for his portrayals of good guys such as policemen and firemen – has appeared in countless movies and TV series in Hong Kong and China, and though now he’s reached his mid-50s, the youthful, trim and stylish Fong shows no sign of slowing down.

That’s not only because the once-archetypal bachelor is now a devoted husband and father, to wife Hoyan and 10-year-old daughter Ka-ching. It’s also because Fong nurtures a passion that’s consumed him since his teens: he’s crazy about cars – and in particular he’s mad about Ferraris.

“I’ve just come back from summer holiday in Europe with my family and as soon I got back I started work again. I’ve got to work, otherwise I can’t afford to buy my Ferraris!” he says, laughing.

“A supercar is a big toy for guys,” explains Fong, who grew up in Macau and as a boy must have seen more than his fair share of fast cars. “I really fell in love with cars when I was about 14 or 15, and I started to read car magazines. I first drove my father’s car and then when I came to Hong Kong I bought a second-hand sports car for myself.”

Fong got his first Ferrari – a mid-engine 360 – in 2003. “Now,” he says, “I have a 488 and next year I’m getting a Pista” – the fabulous track-focussed version of the “regular” 488 GTB that the Italian car-maker unveiled around six months ago.

He loves driving his two-seat 488 – “sometimes,” he says, “I even drive my Ferrari to the wet market” – but he readily admits it’s hardly the car for family use. So today, he’s at the wheel of a GTC4Lusso T, the Ferrari that combines the best of supercar, grand tourer and everyday family transport in one single astonishing automobile.

Alex Fong is especially impressed by the luggage space in the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T

Fong is clearly impressed, because the shooting- brake-style Lusso T not only boasts the incendiary speed, razor-sharp handling and sleek profile that are synonymous with the cars that wear the cavallino rampante badge. It also has space in abundance – in fact, its luxurious cabin is roomy enough to carry four full-size passengers in comfort.

Luxurious seating for four passengers

“When you look at the GTC4Lusso T,” he says, “it’s obviously a Ferrari and it immediately makes you think ‘supercar’. In fact, its 4-litre turbo V8 engine is very similar to the one in the 488, which really is a supercar, so it has incredible acceleration. There’s rear-wheel steering, too, so it’s really manoeuvrable and as exciting to drive as a Ferrari should be.

“But as the Lusso T also has four seats and an incredible chassis, it’s very comfortable to ride in. It’s practical and convenient, too, because there’s plenty of space for my luggage whenever I have to fly off to China for work.

“The GTC4Lusso T is very user-friendly and not so heavy on gasoline,” Fong adds. “It’s definitely a car you can drive every day, which means it’s great for me and my family.

“So as I now need to buy another Ferrari I’m going to have to work even harder!”

Photography Kirk Kenny

Grooming Shirley Lee

Wardrobe Gives & Hawkes



Read the full story in Prestige Hong Kong September 2018 issue

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