Both brands are bywords for effortless power, exclusivity, superb craftsmanship and bespoke personalisation, so it’s perhaps not altogether surprising that the famed Italian yacht manufacturer Sanlorenzo has come together with the near-legendary British automobile company Rolls-Royce for a series of events to be held around Asia during June and July.

It’s a natural fit, of course, as many Rolls-Royce enthusiasts share a passion for Sanlorenzo yachts, and vice versa. And that’s especially the case right now, as each brand has just introduced highly anticipated new products, Sanlorenzo with its SX series of crossover vessels – described as the “perfect platform for luxurious living on the sea”, and Roll-Royce with the equally versatile yet fabulously sumptuous Cullinan SUV.

Both products will be on display at the four Asian launch events, which are taking place in Yokohama, Seoul, Hong Kong and Singapore. Clients interested in attending are invited to contact Sanlorenzo’s regional partner, Simpson Marine, for a personal invitation.