It’s my favourite day of the year – Valentine’s Day! When else do you get to demand a dozen red roses, a box of chocolates and a meal out at your most cherished restaurant, accompanied by the finest bottle of champagne?

One way to ensure your beau only has eyes for you this Valentine’s Day is dazzling him with the most beautiful diamonds around – Hearts On Fire jewels.

Inspired by naturalistic elements including the sun and butterflies, the Aerial collection is one of my faves, and I chose to pair the Aerial Eclipse Large Necklace with the Aerial Teardrop Double Ring, which features brilliant round Hearts On Fire diamonds that create the illusion of marquise and pear shapes for the biggest date night of the year.

Hearts On Fire is the world’s first diamond brand revered for its diamond-cutting perfection and it selects only the purest rough diamonds for its exquisite pieces. Every diamond displays the perfect symmetrical pattern of eight arrows and eight hearts.

Valentine’s Day is a time for proposals and guys, if you’re ready to pop the question, look no further than the Beloved Collection, which transforms perfectly cut diamonds into blooming flowers. Proffer up the Beloved Open Gallery Engagement Ring in a box – with a string quartet playing in the background and her favourite bottle of champers on ice ideally – and she’s sure to say yes, especially if it’s paired with the Beloved Pendant Necklace and Beloved Stud Earrings, which she can put away for your big day.

After a sumptuous feast of oysters and lobster in our preferred secluded corner at the restaurant where we first met, me and Mr Cece held hands over the table, when I couldn’t help but admire how the light made my gorgeous teardrop ring sparkle endlessly. When he handed me a box containing the Aerial Petal Stud Earrings – which he knew I’d been coveting for some time – the night was complete. Happy Valentine’s Day!