Review: Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Anti-Ageing Skincare Products

Listen to your doctor! Here’s our review of some of our favourite skincare product from Dr. Barbara Sturm.

There’s been a recent rise in skincare brands founded by medical professionals, and we’re all here for it.  

Dr. Barbara Sturm began her career as an orthopaedic surgeon where she then pioneered a treatment for joint ageing. Having always been fascinated by aesthetic medicines and treatment, her product lines focus on anti-ageing, skin rejuvenation and barrier protection.  

With the unveiling of her first ever solo-counter in Lane Crawford IFC, we decided to take a peek at her best-sellers and bring home a few lotions and potions to test. 

Header image courtesy of Dr. Barbara Sturm.

A good cleanser is so imperative after a long day. It must effectively remove make up and leave you with a fresh visage to start your night-time routine. Dr. Barbara Sturm’s foam cleanser is fuss-free and packed full of ingredients my parched skin loves — urea and aloe vera. There’s no tight, squeaky feeling after usage, so I know that my skin barrier and pH remain intact.  

For those with oily or combination skin, try their Enzyme Cleanser which also doubles as a mild exfoliant.

My biggest pet peeve about the lockdowns mean that I can’t get my eyelash extensions redone. This means, in order to preserve what wisps remain… no sheet masks! The horror. As a dry-skin-gal, sheet masks are a saving grace, but, as it turns out, I needn’t have worried. Enter Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Face Mask.  

This jar comes with its own little synthetic brush for ideal application. Smooth on a thin layer after cleansing for a hydration bomb. Rinse off with lukewarm water after around 20 minutes and be amazed by the bright, smooth skin that’s unveiled. I’ve had this in my rotation now for the last month and, with this dry weather, I use the mask two to three times a week with no complaints.  

All my dehydrated-skin people please stand up. I had a favourite hyaluronic product —a few, in fact — prior to discovering this bottle, but that’s all in the past now. Imagine drops of pure liquid; pure hydration; pure essence. A lush, luxurious serum that encapsulates exactly what it means to provide the ultimate boost of moisture to your skin. It’s almost impossible to describe in words, one will simply have to head to the Dr. Barbara Sturm counter stat to test and understand. Thank me later.

Since hitting my 30s, I’ve been very conscious of a skincare mantra my mother always preached: Prevention is better than cure. So, while I don’t have any visible lines around my eyes (yet!), I thought it best to treat the delicate skin there with the best the brand has to offer.  

This formula is richer and more potent than the original Eye Cream, and packed full of holistic ingredients like red ginseng and Persian silk tree extract to combat puffiness and firm the skin matrix. A tiny, tiny dollop is enough to cover that delicate area.

The name just speaks for itself, doesn’t it? Just reading through the ingredient list already taught me the functions of a whole host of extracts that I was previously unfamiliar with: Meadow knotweed extract to restore skin radiance; Purslane for antioxidants; Plankton biopolymers to stimulate collagen production, the list goes on.  

As with the rest of the line, a little goes a long way. The cream initially feels rich and thick, but spreads very evenly across the skin, sinking in within minutes. I’ve used this as my final-step product the last few weeks now, and have consistently woken up with radiant, hydrated skin. It’s a yes from me. 

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