It’s no surprise that Ralph Lauren has been going through quite a few shakeups lately. The so-called Way Forward Plan initiated by recently appointed CEO Stefan Larsson, formerly of H&M, is well on its way and while early news of job cuts and store closures didn’t paint a pretty picture, the biggest change to come at the quintessentially American brand is its embrace of the “see now, buy now” model, which begins in earnest with this collection. This means that all the clothes that the designer sent down the runway in a temporary space erected outside his Madison Avenue boutique in New York’s Upper East Side are already available for purchase around the world.

Given all the focus on this mini revolution happening in the fashion industry (Burberry, Tom Ford and Tommy Hilfiger are some of the other brands opting for instant gratification), it’s easy to forget about the actual clothes, which is ultimately what matters most, whether they’re available in six months or fresh off the runway.

In true Ralph Lauren style, they were impeccable and undeniably beautiful: elegant, luxurious and extremely tasteful closet staples. Whether that is enough to make shoppers line up at the boutiques where the collection just hit shelves is open to question but you can’t deny that there’s definitely a market out there for fabulous faux furs, stunning red-carpet showstoppers and the American West-inspired wardrobe classics that are the bread and butter of this legendary brand.