Power to the people


Welcome to Prestige Hong Kong’s 40 under 40, our annual tribute to the city’s most sagacious and audacious young individuals from the world of arts, commerce, fashion, health, sport, hospitality, philanthropy and beyond.
2019 has been a special year for Hong Kong. Amid the unpredictability of protests and travel difficulties, we nonetheless managed to identify, interview and photograph 40 personalities – some established, others up-and-coming and all less than four decades old.
These exceptional individuals (and one couple) only reinforce our belief that Hong Kong remains a wonderful city, a place full of incredible talent and high achievers. We hope to celebrate these young heroes and heroines in this, our sixth consecutive compendium, and spread a little positivity during times of uncertainty.
If there’s one thing in particular that we can learn from this year’s 40 under 40, it’s that there’s no such thing as difficult times. Life is about resilience, and no matter how difficult the circumstances may be, a golden future awaits those who persevere.
So, dear readers, we hope you enjoy a glimpse into the lives of the young men and women who are proudly shaping the future of our beloved city.

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Jing Wang
Concertmaster of The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra
Kevin Poon
Co-founder of CLOT, Juice Store, WOAW and Elephant Grounds
Yvonne Fong
Director at Simon Lee Gallery
Hins Cheung
Singer and Creative Director at The Crown
Bao Ho
Street Artist
Sarah Zhuang
Founder of Sarah Zhuang Jewellery
Otto Ng
Co-founder of LAAB
Liane Chu
Visual Artist
Peggy Chan
Founder of Nectar, Pollen Lab and The Collective's Table
Laurinda Ho
Founder of Smile With Us HK
Hugh Kam
Barrister and Humanitarian
Edwin Pun
Director at Keyestone Properties
AJ Mak
Founder and CEO of Chain of Demand
Hannah Chung
Zero-waste Activist
Brandon Chau
Founder of Noblesse Lifestyle Group and Attire House
Natalie Chan
Founder of OWN Academy
Chaukei Ngai
Founder of YogaUp
Danny Yeung
Co-founder and CEO of Prenetics and Circle DNA
Vivian Kong
Olympic Fencer
Candice Chan
Co-founder of LifeHealth Group
Stephanie Au
Olympic Swimmer
Tommy & Stella Ip
Founders of Hong Wo Lok
On-yee Ng
World Champion Snooker Player
Oscar Coggins
Champion Triathlete
Eugene Kan
Co-founder of Maekan
Joyce Lam
Founder of Rue Gembon
Eric Räty
Chef de Cuisine at Arbor
Stephnie Shek
Founder of EightyEight and BusyBee
Justin Chang
Business Development Manager at Ascot Chang
Bertrand Mak
Founder of R. Sanderson
Syed Asim Hussain
Co-founder of Black Sheep Restaurants
Ryan Sun
Managing Director at Fotomax
Ron Chen
Founder and CEO of ATLAS
Janice Chew
Founder and Principal of JC Legal
Loui Lim
Executive Vice President at Genting Cruise Lines
Dara Huang
Founder of Design Haus Liberty
Ricz Hung
Director at PMDC Group and de Hub
Brian Sze
Senior Vice President at Checkout.com
Betty Ng
Founder of Collective