What’s the inspiration behind the new autumn/winter collection?

New York. The Tumi design offices are located in New York City, and this season they really looked to both the urban environment and the beautiful landscape of New York state.

What are your most popular products in Asia?

Backpacks are doing incredibly well for us. We’re also doing well with some of our travel products, such as19 Degree – our first ever aluminum collection. Women’s products do well in Asia and we see this becoming a more important part of our business.

This season we have a few unique colours coming to Asia. We have a white 19 Degree [suitcase] and we also have a special 19 Degree aluminum travel case coming out in black and rose gold.

Give us your top packing tips!

First and foremost is to plan out exactly what you’re going to be doing and have outfits for every single thing that you’ll be doing, so you’re very organized. At the same time I tell people to pack an extra outfit, just in case. Also, always use packing cubes. They are really easy to help you stay organized. Tumi offers many different sizes and versions – the point is to keep things in separate compartments and organised.

Can you tell us about any innovative tech features that will improve people’s travel experiences?

We use innovative fabrics that are both beautiful and high-performance. We think about how the customer is using it [a product] and how we can make their life better. A big innovation for this season is our practicality and flexibility.

What’s trending in travel cases, nowadays?

One big trend we see globally but also here in Asia is the need for suitcases and luggage to be more stylish. In the past, you would be okay with bringing whatever to the airport. And now, just like handbags and backpacks, it’s really important, more than ever, for your products to be more stylish and unique.

Who are Tumi’s key customers?

Tumi has a pretty wide base of customers: industry leaders, celebrities and the movers and makers. We find that when people get into the brand, they often stay with it. Our average customer owns six Tumi pieces.