In this week’s online exclusive, we introduce three unusual types of mooncakes to spice up your September
As much as we love Mid-Autumn Festival, we at Prestige Towers think it’s fair to say that the appeal of classic mooncakes wanes significantly after you’ve devoured the first few boxes heaped upon you by family members. It pains us to admit it, but you really can have too much of a good thing. So it was with great pleasure and more than a little relief that we discovered that several brands have abandoned traditional recipes and instead invented unusual and exciting varieties this year, experimenting with different textures and flavours to ensure that the mooncake-weary among us can continue our annual autumn binge without getting bored. Here, we introduce three of the best.
agnès b. DÉLICES
The French chocolatier has been perhaps the most experimental mooncake maker this season, releasing mooncakes made from mango, mixed berries or even almond and raspberry. Don’t worry if you can’t choose between them, as you don’t have to – they’re all included in a set called the Adorable b. Lapin Assorted Mooncake Gift Box.
Shang Palace
The chefs at the Kowloon Shangri-la’s Michelin-starred restaurant were clearly inspired by other strong Asian flavours this year, as they have released the brand-new mini snowy mooncakes with durian paste. Famous for its overpowering smell, the durian fruit is an unexpectedly creamy and welcome addition to the autumn delicacy.
The Royal Garden
Another hotel to put a spin on the traditional autumn treat, The Royal Garden has created a mooncake made with Yunnan ham and mixed nuts. Supposedly a much healthier option than classic mooncakes, these remain surprisingly sweet – so they’re still a perfect evening treat.
+Prestige Hong Kong