Alia Marwah Eyres

Alia Marwah Eyres

As CEO of the charity Mother’s Choice, which serves the needs of both children without families and pregnant teenagers, Alia Marwah Eyres was faced with many additional challenges during the pandemic. One response was the Safe Families initiative, which Marwah Eyres says “wraps volunteer networks around single teen mothers and their babies”. Born in Hong Kong, Marwah Eyres studied in the United States at Georgetown and George Washington universities, before working as a lawyer, first in New York and later in her home city. When she was younger, she and six siblings often volunteered at Mother’s Choice, an experience that fuelled her passion to change the life stories of vulnerable children, youth, and families. That experience led her back to a leadership role at Mother’s Choice, which she took on in 2012. She shares a busy home with her husband – an Irish entrepreneur – six sons and a newborn baby girl.


Marwah Eyres sees her role as “inspiring the next generation of children to know that they’re never too young to make a difference. I hope people see the power of a multi-generational approach to philanthropy and inspiring generations of families to be involved in giving and volunteering in the community.”


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