Ann Hui

Ann Hui

Celebrated as one of Hong Kong’s leading film directors, Ann Hui is also a producer, screenwriter and actress. The city’s definitive New Wave filmmaker, Hui is best known for tackling social issues, though her portfolio also covers literary adaptations, martial arts, semi-autobiographical works, women’s and political issues, and thrillers.

Of her numerous film awards from various bodies, Hui modestly comments, “In Hong Kong, in our generation that started out in the 1970s, being a director wasn’t a big deal. We didn’t even have director’s chairs. We weren’t particularly well paid. The social standing of a film director wasn’t that high. It was a sort of a plebeian job, a second- or third-grade one. And the studio heads are always practical – there’s never any fawning because someone’s a director.“ Born in Manchuria is 1947, Hui was awarded a Master’s degree in 1972 in English and Comparative Literature from the University of Hong Kong. She spent two years as a student at the London Film School, graduating with a thesis on the French filmmaker Alain Robbe-Grillet.


Having already received several lifetime achievement awards, Hui has no plans to retire. Now aged 74, she remains determined “to keep on making meaningful films”.


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