Anna Wong

Anna Wong

The CEO and co-founder of Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide, Anna Wong has worked tirelessly with her growing team to transform the operation from offline to online, and build offshoots in the mainland, Southeast Asia and Europe. Helping female entrepreneurs build their businesses sustainably and profitably is the organisation’s prime aim, and Wong is happy to see that the pandemic hasn’t slowed things down.

She spends most of her time working with clients over fundraising and strategy plans and plans to start up a Growth Venture Fund within the FEW community. Wong describes herself as a dreamer, master thinker and a goal-setter, and loves to help entrepreneurs and young people, having been a mentor and speaker with the United Nations, Harvard University, the National University of Singapore, HKUST, TEDx and Amazon, to name but a few.


An artistic child, Wong had hopes of becoming a painter, interior decorator or fashion designer, but now channels her creative energy into design work at FEW. There are no rules against being a business owner, a leader in the community and an artist. Through oil painting, she connects and converses with her inner self, “which is a therapy to me”, she says.


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