Arcadia Kim

Arcadia Kim

Arcadia Kim is the founder of Infinite Screentime, which she set up in March 2020 with the aim of raising a generation of screen-smart kids by giving them unlimited access to technology – just as schools and offices were being shut down due to Covid. “We weren’t prepared to grapple with how technology would affect these new modes of living,” says Kim, who believes technology is an intrinsic part of the fabric of our lives.

A graduate of Wellesley College and Harvard Business School, Kim began her career at the Los Angeles-based video-game developer and publisher Electronic Arts, rising to the level of COO before leaving the industry to embark “on the most challenging endeavour of my career – to be a stay-at-home mom, raising three children in Seoul and now Hong Kong.”


Making device usage meaningful. “We have no idea where this technology will take us,” says Kim, “but there’s a fluency in technology that we want to mindfully teach our children so they’re prepared for whatever is to come.”


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