Ariane Zagury

Ariane Zagury

Founder and CEO of Rue Madame Fashion Group, which brought almost 100 European brands to Hong Kong, Ariane Zagury was still cutting strategic deals with major brands while heavily pregnant with twins. Now a mother of four, she doubled the number of stores during the pandemic and launched two new e-commerce platforms. Paris-born Zagury worked in investment banking in her home city and London before moving to Hong Kong, where she says she “bloomed”. Discerning a lack of variety in women’s designer brands, she founded Rue Madame, utilising her family’s roots in textile retailing to create a unique concept store. In another life, the affable Zagury says she’d have been “a wedding matchmaker. I like people and interacting with people – it’s why I wake up in the morning and why I work. I simply like making people happier.” Although dreaming of travel to Oman, Colombia and Sicily, she’s spent the pandemic focused on expanding her company and retaining all her staff.


While growing her company as a leader in women’s contemporary fashion and athleisure in Asia, Zagury also hopes to encourage female entrepreneurship. As for success in business, she says, “It’s OK to make mistakes, but embrace your failures and use them to become stronger.”


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