Ava Kwong

Ava Kwong

Ava Kwong’s research into breast cancer and dedicated work as a doctor and educator has made her one of the most respected surgeons in her field. Kwong’s numerous titles include: Daniel CK Yu Professor in Breast Cancer Research and Clinical Professor at The University of Hong Kong, the first and only female Clinical Professor in surgery to date in Hong Kong, Chief of Division of Breast Surgery at Queen Mary Hospital, Tung Wah Hospital and the University of Hong Kong – Shenzhen Hospital. In 2007, she founded the Hong Kong Hereditary Breast Cancer Family Registry, which she still chairs today, conducting ground-breaking medical research that changed the way we approach the illness.

She’s led or been a member of several major regional committees and advisory boards, including the Cancer Coordinating Committee of the Food and Health Bureau, the Hospital Authority’s Central Committee on Cancer Service, the Expert Advisory Panel (Cancer) of Health and the Medical Research Fund of the Food and Health Bureau in Hong Kong.


Having dedicated herself to research and to helping women (and men) gain a deeper understanding of breast and ovarian cancer, Kwong hopes that she can inspire those around her to be kind and giving.


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