Bastian Wong

Bastian Wong

The award-winning communications and marketing group Flare Communications is led by managing director and CEO Bastian Wong, who founded the business in 2002, aged just 25. An only child of “super-loving and supportive parents”, Wong says she “was raised to be highly independent and adventurous”. Flare recently launched Fineapple Asia, a talent and creative agency representing artists and digital influencers, and MindData, an AI-powered influencer platform. Alongside gaining valuable management experience at Harvard Business School and MIT, Wong eschews futuristic tech games in favour of ancient Chinese calligraphy. “I appreciate the arts, especially Chinese art and its infinite wisdom,” she says. “Recently I’ve been practising Chinese calligraphy, my favourite ‘me-time’ for winding down.”


Open-minded and patient Wong espouses the two-minute rule: “Always try to give someone an uninterrupted two minutes to explain and elaborate their thinking,” she says. “It makes a difference, showing respect and staying open-minded to others’ opinions. It’s just two minutes to help you master your patience – and master yourself.”


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