Belinda Koo

Belinda Koo

Founder and “chief dreaming officer” of The Art of XYZ, Belinda Koo is an entrepreneur, reiki healer, wife and mother of three. Balancing corporate life with a fitness business, Koo is best known perhaps as the founder of XYZ and One Ten Foundation, while also being a managing director at UBS.

How she got on a spin cycle and made it the coolest place to work out began with asking questions such as, “What kind of future are we creating for the next generation?” She also drew on learnings from the executive MBA programme and the Aspen Institute. “I’m more than happy to declare ‘emotional wellness’ as my ‘major’ for life after starting to study more about wellness with multiple qualifications,” says Koo. “That’s why I founded One Ten, a youth charity that supports the development of physical and emotional resilience, and empowers more people to be aware of – and utilise – accessible tools, like physical movements and breathwork, for better emotional wellness.”


“I’d like everyone to explore the possibility of creating businesses with love, compassion and acceptance,” says Koo. “There are so many successful businesses in this world that are worth trillions. Just imagine if that effort were put into nurturing business with those three qualities.”


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