Brenda Scofield

Brenda Scofield

Currently chair of The Samaritans, and vice-chairman of the Foundation for Music and Art in Asia, as well as the Hong Kong Chamber Music Society, Brenda Scofield has worn many other hats in her colourful life. A retired head of drama at Island School, she’s a singer and actress who directed musicals and handled theatre photography, and also gained notoriety as the co-founder of Fetish Fashion, a sex shop and safe space catering to the BDSM community, which was subject to much publicity after an undercover police raid in the early 2000s (she defeated all 25 charges). She’s lectured on sexual and gender diversity at local tertiary institutions is a TEDx speaker and is a certified counsellor with a specialisation in grief and loss, and minority sexuality.


Confronting the shadow side of the human psyche and normalising deviance. Scofield created a haven for people who had to hide their sexual preferences in a society and era that wasn’t nearly as sexually liberated as today. She continues this work at the age of 74 through The Samaritans, by raising awareness and offering assistance to those suffering from mental- health issues and suicidal tendencies.


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