Christine Ip

Christine Ip

CEO of Greater China for UOB, Christine Ip has more than 30 years of banking experience under her belt. She upholds a strong belief that the positioning and opportunities of women in leadership and management positions should be equal to those of their male counterparts. Ip’s leadership and business strategy have brought recognition for her and the bank from various organisations, such as The Best Australia Business Award in China, and the awards for Best Retail Bank in Hong Kong and Best Foreign Retail Bank in China.

Her dynamic role requires not only knowledge of finance, data and analytics, but also creative thinking to cope with the ever-changing environment and the rise of technology.


Given her illustrious career in finance, it might be surprising to learn about Ip’s untiring commitment to the arts. She was recently appointed committee member of the Museum Advisory Committee of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, a Board Member of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, and a council member of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.


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