Colleen Yu Fung

Colleen Yu Fung

Colleen Yu Fung is the founder and CEO of EX-R International, a marketing company focusing on creating lavish events in the fields of luxury, music, edutainment and the arts. Now a mother of two, Yu Fung is a Carnegie Mellon University graduate, who previously worked for seven years at Goldman Sachs. She recently co-founded Yum Me Play a children’s learning platform that now has more than 20,000 visitors and 3,000 members. Yu Fung is also on the board of Make a Wish Hong Kong and Hagar International, and is co-chair of The Hong Kong Ballet Guild and the Nutcracker Benefit.


Creating transformative experiences for brands. “Power?” asks Yu Fung. “The future goal for my company would be to become the powerhouse of experiences in Asia, one that can make a mark in a person’s life by fostering personal passions and inspiring bigger dreams.”


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