Crisel Consunji

Crisel Consunji

You’ll probably know Crisel Consunji from her breakout role in the movie Still Human, in which she plays a domestic helper caring for a paralysed man (played by veteran actor Anthony Wong). Before that, the Hong Kong-based Filipina actress and singer had been a real-life Disney princess for years before leaving her Hong Kong Disneyland job in 2010 to focus on a career off-stage. If it hadn’t been for the casting call for Still Human, she might not have renewed her passion for performing, which she still does today.

Consunji is also an early childhood educator; with an MA in Political Science and MEd in Early Childhood Education, she is keen to empower those people and communities that lack opportunity and are under-represented. She co-founded Baumhaus in 2015 to provide creative- arts classes to children under six years old; the learning centre encourages creativity and individuality in young children and helps them develop musically, cognitively and socially. With the limelight on her due to her connections in the Hong Kong film industry, Consunji also actively speaks up for underprivileged sectors, particularly children, families and migrants in this city.


Having found her confidence and calling through the arts and music, Consunji believes in the power of creativity and expression, and seeks to instil a lifelong love of art in young children and in the communities she speaks out for.


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