Emily Lam-Ho

Emily Lam-Ho

Emily Lam-Ho wears many hats. A long-time advocate for sustainability and a mentor to women everywhere, Lam-Ho has always felt strongly about giving back to society, and her various ventures are testament to her drive. She’s the CEO and founder of Empact28, a social- impact investment company that focuses on funding female entrepreneurs and start-ups that exist to make a positive social or environmental impact.

She’s also the co-founder and founding CEO of EcoDrive, established in 2018 alongside 11 other women – self-starters, lawyers, and entrepreneurs – to promote the awareness and reduction of single-use plastics. Continuing to champion sustainability, Lam- Ho formed 8Shades earlier this year, a purpose-driven lifestyle platform promoting sustainable living. Any change can make a huge difference if it’s multiplied a hundredfold, and she hopes sustainability can become more than just a buzzword in our society, and in our children’s future.


Nurturing is in Lam-Ho’s nature, who long found it in her heart to help others, from volunteering in her school years to growing female-led companies – and, of course, raising her two children. The one common thread in all she does: to make the world a better and greener place for the next generation.


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