Fiona Nott

Fiona Nott

CEO of The Women’s Foundation, Fiona Nott has been advocating for women since finishing law school in Australia and being appointed to the Women’s Advisory Council of New South Wales. In 2007, Nott co-founded Room to Read’s Hong Kong Chapter and regional programme office; in 2015, she founded the Australian Chamber of Commerce’s Women in Business Network. Since 2011, she’s been on The Women’s Foundation’s Women on Boards Steering Committee, joining the 30% Club and then, in 2017, becoming the organisation’s CEO. Since her appointment, TWF has launched a number of initiatives, including Male Allies, which encourages all senior business leaders to advance gender equality; Boardroom Series for Women Leaders, which has successfully pushed for the appointment of 80+ females on boards since in 2018; the first Gender Equality Summit in 2019; and a number of research studies that have influenced public and private-sector policies.


Taking both micro and macro, top-down and bottom-up approaches to advancing gender equality, Nott is aware of the importance of programmes that advance opportunities for the underprivileged (last year’s #TechForGood campaign sourcing secondhand devices for families in need), as well as those that open doors at the highest echelons (an advocacy campaign addressing board diversity called Flipping the Script).


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