Jennifer Cheng

Jennifer Cheng

Jennifer Yu Cheng left a career in finance to focus on two driving passions: education and women’s empowerment. She co- founded ARCH Education in 2009 and today splits her time between leading CTF Education Group, which currently serves more than 10,000 students through K-12 education, and leading the Jennifer Yu Cheng Girls Impact Foundation (JYCGIF), which focuses on creating educational opportunities for teen girls to empower them to become future ready leaders. Cheng grew up with a love of tinkering and finding solutions to the problems she faced and systems that have broken down. Similarly, she found her calling in education, when she saw how much there was to be done for women in leadership. The world has made great strides, but there was still a gender gap in leadership and STEM fields, an existing issue that was made more evident in the post-Covid, digitalised world.

Through JYCGIF, she hopes to beat stereotypes around girls in STEM fields and help them acquire the leadership skills to build future careers in this tech-driven economy.


Leaders aren’t born, but made – Cheng believes that growing the right mindset requires children to have different experiences and to discover a wide range of pursuits. Her own background was varied: she studied engineering in university and worked in investment banking before she became an education entrepreneur and a thought leader
in youth and women’s empowerment.


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