Jennifer Ma

Jennifer Ma

Jennifer Ma is the chief strategy officer of CTF Education Group and co-founder and managing partner of ARCH Education. After attending school in the UK, she read Economics and Management at Oxford, where she took a first-class honours degree. After working in investment banking, she decided on a total career change, completing her Masters of Education at the University of Hong Kong before moving to the education industry. “Over the years,” says Ma, “I’ve been actively involved with my alma maters, including taking on the roles of mentor, trustee and alumni board member,” she says. “I recently joined the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups as a council member and have continued to contribute as a regular columnist or thought leader in various media on education-related topics.” With thousands of her students being offered places at top schools and universities, Ma believes real success is where “passion meets purpose”.


Convenor of the World of Work (WOW) Institute, which aims to create shared value by making K-12 education relevant, Ma believes its initiatives will be where education meets the real world, inspiring students to own their purpose in life and the passion to pursue their destiny – in studies, work and life.


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