Joanne Leung

Joanne Leung

Founder and chairperson of the Transgender Resource Center, Joanne Leung is a leading light within Hong Kong’s transgender community. Born biologically male, Leung suffered from gender dysphoria since the age of six, leading to four attempted suicides before undergoing gender- reassignment surgery in 2009. Post-surgery, Leung has dedicated her career and life to educating and campaigning for rights on behalf of the transgender and transsexual communities. In 2014, she addressed the United National Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women, and was the first transgendered representative from Hong Kong to do so; she also sits on the Policy Committee (LGBT) for the public policy think tank The Professional Commons. She’s the recipient of several awards for her trailblazing work, including the Woman Courage Award from the US Consulate Hong Kong and the She Dares to Change Award from HER Fund.


A voice for the disenfranchised, Leung has been active in modernising local stances and opinions towards the LGBT community, whether through her policy and advocacy work or sharing personal experiences. She’s currently completing a Master’s degree in Gender Studies in Taiwan, and aims to publish an autoethnographic thesis based on her experiences as a transgendered person.


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