Katherine Lo

Katherine Lo

Having proved herself a natural leader and creative visionary when she converted Mies van der Rohe’s IBM building into The Langham Chicago in 2013, Katherine Lo was given the opportunity to reimagine other hotel properties in the family portfolio as the next steps in the evolution of boutique hospitality. The results can be seen in the Eaton hotels in Washington DC and Hong Kong, where typical hotel facilities such as restaurants, cafes and bars coexist with a food hall, cinemas, radio stations, members’ workspace, a wellness centre, a library, an art gallery, music venues, retail outlets and artist residencies – and all under a single roof. Moreover, Lo launched several Eaton initiatives during Covid to address social issues and needs, including turning the two properties into resource centres for PPE donations and distribution, community kitchens and food for the needy, a Red Cross donation centre and a 3D printing press.


Whether it concerns women’s issues, sustainability and the environment, art and culture, film and music, and mission- or purpose-driven activities, it seems there’s nothing Lo can’t do. She’s even working on her first feature film, now in post-production.


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