Kristie Lu Stout

Kristie Lu Stout

Kristie Lu Stout is a familiar face on television. The award-winning journalist has been a CNN anchor and correspondent for 20 years, delivering breaking news either from the newsroom or on the ground. Lu Stout spearheads several CNN series devoted to topics she’s keenly interested in. They include Tech For Good, a collection of intimate, inspiring and transformative tech stories from around the world; Inventing Tomorrow, which focuses on entrepreneurs, experts and businesses navigating and solving climate crisis; and Marketplace Asia, about the new economy and innovation, and targeting the network’s global audience of business leaders and decision-makers. Lu Stout also helped launch CNN’s Call to Earth Day, which engages students on the need for urgent action against climate change and pollution. Lu Stout is a fervent learner of the Chinese language, having studied Mandarin for more than 25 years. She spends at least an hour each week reading news articles and essays in Chinese and plans to learn 100 new idioms by the end of next year.


An inquiring mind: Whenever she’s asked what it takes to be a correspondent, Lu Stout says, “You have to have an insane curiosity. You have to have an insatiable drive to understand what’s happening and what people are thinking about and feeling.”


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